Triangle scarves revisited and birdcall

The last time I knit triangle scarves (5 years ago!), they weren’t quite a thing yet, which is not an entirely unusual phenomenon for me (i knit a highland wool fisherman’s sweater when i was thirteen and people were like, why is that not a billabong hoodie?). So I put them aside for a while and made some hats, scarves, internal organs (what have you) in the interim, and five years (and three ariana grande albums) later, I made this!

Okay, that exclamation point is misleading. Honestly, I’m not in love with it, and I don’t think triangle scarves are any more of a thing now than when I first made them, especially in my current peer group (apparently the trend in medicine is patagonia or wear a literal trash bag to work). But the pattern was gorgeous and the wool was from a yarn store owned by Asians in Mill Valley, and so for those reasons (and also because i wanted an excuse to show off my burgeoning crystal skull collection), I am sharing it here–the last triangle scarf I will ever make.

I am also foregoing images of this scarf on actual people because it was 80F and I love my friends too much to make them don hot af wool and pose for me, so here is more windowsill.

And now onto something I’m more proud of!

Since we met last, I traveled to Baltimore to share one of my stories at a national medical conference, which is probably the farthest from my comfort zone I’ve been since dating men. The trip was fraught with anxiety (and stress diarrhea x1), and I did little else except eat, walk, and worry (my only picture of baltimore other than the one above is of a man i saw getting on the plane with just a starbucks cup full of milk), but the experience of itself was formative and encouraging. It inspired me to write much and share often.

So here is my next piece.

Someone please send me to Baltimore again. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Triangle scarves revisited and birdcall

  1. wonderful piece, again, Dakniellam! to add to your collection of skulls AND to see a potential outlet for some of your most wild and crazy knitting ventures, I hope you get to stop into the American Visionary Museum along the Baltimore harbor. They might proudly display some of your anatomic knitting ventures along side other ‘outsider art’ or voodoo altars, or John Waters word pieces. The gift shop is amazing offshoot of the now-closed Uncle Fun shop along Belmont in Chicago ..
    From Janice B-native Baltimorean although Chicago now.

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