Lace scarves and mustard yellow merino wool

Here are some things I remember about my time at UC Berkeley: 1) when Intermezzo burned down and we still had to go to class the next day (like wtf) 2) when I ate an entire order of potato puffs from Gregoires by myself and had the worst stomachache ever (in my defense it didn’t happen the first time so i really thought i was in the clear) and 3) when I went to my first ever Cal football game and realized ten minutes in that I never want to go to another football game again.

Seriously, it sucked.

But, if moving around the country has taught me anything (like what a dairy queen is), it’s that pride for one’s alma mater is around every corner and at the core of what it means to be American (like what a dairy queen is!). So even though I know next to nothing about college sports (I sat next to Keenan Allen every day for an entire semester without knowing who he was), Cal pride will always be something I boast wherever I go (alma frauder), as evidenced by my ten year old Caltopia t-shirt that I got for free at orientation as well as my brand new lace knit scarf!

I haven’t done too many lace projects–mostly because I think lace-knit clothing looks kind of weird on people (once when i was a kid i saw a woman at safeway wearing a lace-knit sweater and she wasn’t wearing a bra so i could see her boobs and it was honestly mortifying and now that i’m writing it out i realize it wasn’t about the sweater at all it was about the yup yeah now it makes sense). But then I found this baby blanket pattern using bricklayer’s lace, which I thought would look amazing as a scarf, and then I stumbled on a few skeins of Linaza on clearance at my new favorite Denver yarn shop, and well, it was inevitable at that point…

As you can tell, I went ham during golden hour.

Anyway, it turns out lace knitting takes 5ever to finish–longer still since I knit this scarf in the round–but after a few weeks of night shifts and every single episode of Insecure, I ended up with what is probably one of my more refined projects (eleganza knitsravaganza), which is actually perfect timing, since Colorado winter just arrived and the mountains look like the backdrop of a Crystal Geyser water bottle.

Here is my friend, Kate, who once told me a story so funny that I thought about it three weeks later and laughed out loud while doing a rectal exam on a nineteen year old girl with hemorrhoids. Thanks for that, Kate.

Okay, so originally I had two more paragraphs about how amazing Kate is (she has v nice teeth), but since much more exciting things are happening in my life currently, I’m scrapping that so I can give you all this little update: 

Surrounded by family, an unsuspecting middle-aged Asian woman, and about a hundred pounds of yarn, I got engaged! At least I think I did (black out happy i believe is what it’s called–like match day or seeing hamilton or eating an entire row of frozen thin mints). A lot of it is a blur of color and noise and the smell of mothballs, but here’s what I do remember: 1) getting the ring stuck on the wrong hand and then trying to be funny by calling it the devil’s hand (‘i’m marrying the devil!’ i think is what i said…) and 2) familiarity–because as someone who learned to knit from his first high school crush and landed in Chicago because of a mediocre, self-deprecating knitting blog, it was no surprise (okay fine it was a little surprise) that I’d be asked to be married over a skein of mustard yellow merino wool by someone who spends his entire FAFSA on (seriously it’s concerning); any other way would just feel wrong.

And 3) I love this man.

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