Knittin’ kittens and intra-abdominal viscera

rule of thirds game on pointRemember that time when I said I was really busy in the hospital everyday but then I made a million tiny cat ornaments in the span of a week and hung them on trees branches and fences and other public spaces?

Well, it maybe might have happened again…catcatcatI know. I have a problem (clawblem). I can’t stop myself. I found a few yards of grey yarn lying around and the next thing I know, I’m popping out these cute little suckers while trying to study for my Psychiatry shelf but in reality just binging season three of Kimmy Schmidt (girl’s got disinhibited social engagement disorder amirite?). Fortunately, this time, I had the foresight (fursight) to write down my steps and put together a comprehensive pattern (cattern) so others could join me in my mission to flood Chicago with knitted cats (and after that… purrld domination).

So if you’re interested, go ahead and download my Knittin’ Kittens pattern for free! Or check it out in my Ravelry store (@jedbartlet) where I also have other patterns for free or very nearly free!brachial plexus during golden hourRemember that time I thought it would be a good idea to knit the brachial plexus, and then a team of deaf high school wrestlers made fun of me at the airport? Well, update: to make my plexus more presentable and organized, I acquired an old, used-to-be shelf, added a glossy coat and some anatomical labels in my middle-school handwriting san serifed (dan serifed) font, and then hammered in some nails with the back of a wrench because I don’t own a real hammer. Now it’s ready for proud display in an anatomy lab near you–er, if you live in Chicago, that is (formaldehyde park). So, who’s ready to learn about some palsies?organs in a box on a pillar in the streetRemember that time Before I go on, I feel like I need to make it clear that I can knit regular stuff like socks and hats and scarves, too. I know it may not seem like it based on what you’ve seen thus far, but I do. I’m knormal. I promise. And I knit normal things.

That being said, let me introduce you to perhaps the weirdest thing I’ve ever knit and the third installment of my aknitomy series: my model of the intra-abdominal viscera.stepped in dog poop taking thisComplete with liver, spleen, gallbladder (with a gallstone!), kidneys, adrenals, ureters, bladder dome, and the GI tract from stomach to rectum, I’m hoping to use this body box to demonstrate 1. retro- versus intra-peritoneal structures and 2. the boundaries and openings of the greater and lesser sac (and also 3. rock bottom of nerdy knitting aka using a mardi gras bead inside a yarn gallbladder to simulate cholelithiasis).

I still have work to do, like the esophagus, omentum, and ligament of Trietz, but once everything is in there it’ll be hard to get a clear picture of the individual organs, so I thought it best to capture it disassembled first. Finished product to come!basically what your insides look likeI apologize that this post has been more niche than usual, and I know, for most of you, the previous paragraphs have absolutely no relevance whatsoever (except the cat one. that one’s mewniversal). In light of that, here are some recent, more mundane experiences I’ve had not involving medicine or anatomy that, hopefully, every twenty something with their parents’ Netflix account can appreciate:

  • The OA is an intensely amazing/scary/cool show and the movements are by far the best part and they gave me chills so many times but after the finale I had mixed feelings toward it but regardless Britt Marling is the best (knitt marling?).
  • I went to my first Cubs game last week and my favorite part was high-fiving strangers whenever we got a home run (hey hey hey!). Also booing Braun, because apparently he’s the worst person ever.
  • I knit a hat (see? normal!). I almost aborted the project halfway through because it was looking horrible (encroaching on failed rice bunny territory). Nevertheless, I persisted (why does that sound familiar), and I was pretty happy with the final result. Here is the hat atop my pastor, the only person who lies to herself more than me about being personal friends with deb perelman.DSC_0243

5 thoughts on “Knittin’ kittens and intra-abdominal viscera

  1. Love your knitted viscera. I’m pretty sure that if I had thought to use my love of knitting to cancel out my lack of ability in the anatomy lab, that i would have never have dropped that Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy course (with ultimately dire consequences). Keep knitting!

  2. LOVE the intra-abdominal viscera! And as a survivor of (super rare) appendix cancer, I shouted with glee at the mention of omentum! No one ever mentions the omentum (I miss my omentum. And my spleen. Ha.) . Anyway – thanks for the smiles on this!

  3. Your work is really lovely. You need to make friends with someone who can make you some display cases or boxes that are of the same high quality as the knitted work, in order to do them justice.

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