Cable knit caps and the midwest

So, a lot has happened in the past month: I gained a new brother-in-law (and co-gave the best wedding speech ever in the process), I got drunk/the runs from trying kombucha (not at the same time, fortunately), and I successfully organized and participated in a nertz tournament, which I most definitely should have won. But most importantly, I knit three caps!IMG_3308If you couldn’t guess, two of those caps aren’t for me. Instead, they’re for my grandma, who has basically worn through the one hat I made her last year. So, to give some variety to her wardrobe (though not really since everything she wears is purple), I knit her not one, but two purple caps! I know convention says that it’s the grandmother who’s supposed to be knitting for the grandchildren and not the other way around, but let’s face it, she wouldn’t even stand a chance. Plus, this way, I’m able to explore the depths of my malabrigo obsession and try out their different kinds of yarn (for those of you interested, i dabbled with malabrigo finito and silky merino, both of which receive the dakniel stamp of approval) while at the same time giving my grandma a cozy alternative when she’s not wearing her wig (or when i’m wearing it).IMG_3323The third cap, I am proud to say, belongs to me, and it is the first thing I actually knit for myself and will wear (not counting that sweater i made with 6 PTA moms when i was 16). Together with a muffler I knit a while back, this 3-month-early winter ensemble (i am sweating just looking at it) will keep me plenty warm in the four freezing Chicago winters I have ahead of me. The muffler pattern was adapted from purlbee’s baby blanket pattern with a couple contrast stripes thrown in and the hat pattern is 100% origiknal and may or may not be written up and posted depending on how shameless I am at asking a random classmate to model it for me (right now odds are looking pretty slim).

Oh yeah, so that’s another thing that happened this past month! Aside from winning (third place) at my nertz tournament and drinking the kombucha from hell, I also moved to Chicago! For those of you born and raised in the Bay Area bubble like myself, let me tell you a little bit about this mystical land I found myself in called the Midwest.

– Flat flat flat

– Winter is coming. Seriously. Every time I mention the weather I am told of the sub zero, contact lenses-freezing (yes! that’s a thing!) winter with wind chill (felt it once in St. Louis and i just stood in the middle of the street moaning) that will inevitably descend upon me.

– Everyone is a geography genius, familiar with remote places we’ve only read about in textbooks (e.g. Minnesota).

– Corn corn corn

Well, that pretty much sums up all of the Midwest. All in all, it’s a great place, and I’m excited to explore it over the next four years (besides my white coat ceremony, seeing fireflies was the greatest thing that happened to me this week). True, I got the whole medical school thing to take care of, but, c’mon, how hard could it be?

10604021_686118644809237_6469154189682442765_o***Wisconsin is north of Illinois.



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