Deerstalkers and hello!

Hello world!  My name is Daniel and this is my very first attempt at a blog (save a brief attempt at a xanga, which failed miserably).  Here are a few things you reader(s) should know before I go on:

1. I’m a male.  I know that’s a rare find in the knitting community, but hopefully it will give a refreshing perspective on knitting and all things knit.  However, as a consequence, you may find this blog lacking in certain phrases like “I find this to be super cute” or “It was soooo adorable I just had to make it” or “I found this pattern to be rather constricting around the bust.”

2. I’m 21.  I’m in college, not married, without a job, and have no children.  I know a lot of knitting blogs are by people (usually mothers) with children and they always write about what they make for their children/husbands and show really cute (okay, fine that’s the only time I’ll use the word) pictures of them wearing what they made.  Unfortunately, I am lacking those persons, so I’ll just have pictures of the thing itself.  Or I’ll get my sisters or friends to wear them and take pictures of them.   I know by now my blog is seeming like a real downer what with atypical knitting blog lingo and a lack of pictures of children wearing knitted things, but I promise I’ll try to keep my posts intriguing!

3. I’m puknkny.  The only pun I can get from “knit” is the silent “k,” so as often as I can I’ll slip in a silent “k” before my “n”s.  It’ll get annoying pretty fast, so I’ll probably stop after about 1 or 2 posts.

Okay!  Now oknto what this blog is really about…

So I looked it up and the correct term for “hat with ear flaps” is a deerstalker hat.  But I’ll just call it a ear flap hat because that’s what most people call it.  Here it is, I originally intended for it to just be a cap, but all the caps I make just end up looking like huge bullets, so I thought I’d add flaps and then I added the tie-string things and ta-da!  Here’s another picture:

This was also the very first time I blocked something.  Usually, I’m so glad I completed the project that I just ditch the blocking step, but this time, I pulled out all the stops and actually blocked the hat and it actually works!  I’m still not entirely sure what it does, but basically it makes a knitted project turn into something that looks bought.  Okay, that was a bit extreme, but you know how knitted things feel kinda stiff?  Like, it just feels like yarn that was put together in some way and not at all like clothes?  Well, blocking turns that yarn amalgam into the yarn you feel in your clothes!  It’s amazing.

Technically, you’re supposed to use a pin-board and pins to hold your work down, cover it with a towel, and then dampen it with a spray bottle, and then let it out to dry.  But since I’m a poor college student I used push pins to hold down my hat to a broken down cardboard box, covered it with a dish rag, and then put water in a tiny bowl and sprinkled the hat with my fingers.  I then half covered the contraption with an old t shirt overnight, or else the moths in our room would eat it.  And who says knitting is an expensive hobby…

Here’s one last picture of my friend wearing the hat, just to prove to you guys that this hat is wearable in the public.  Her name is Cheny.

Okay, thus concludes my first post!  Hopefully I’ll have more for the upcoming holiday seasons.

***When you look for an object, scan the room right to left.  It’s more unnatural for you to do it, so you’re less likely to skim over what you’re looking for.


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